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Discover Yichud Yoga

Weaving East-West Wisdom Traditions

discover and weave

Yogic  & Jewish


    Sample Themes: 

    Jewish   /Yogic

Sh'ma     / Dhi

 Sephirot     / Chakra 

Kavaanah    / Sankalpa

Amidah      / Tadasana

Minuchah    / Kaya Sthira


Private Mentorings~ Workshops~Retreats





    "...Hanna got all 225 teenagers fully participating--WOW!"  Rabbi Eve Ruddin


   "...Hanna is a gentle yet meaningful and compelling teacher of prayerful movement " Paul Wolff, Maggid

   "...I came to Hanna originally for yoga classes but her amazing integration of Jewish teachings created a yearning to deepen my  Jewish practice and I am currently seeking a synagogue that is more observant " HP Entrepreneur / Mother

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