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What Others are Saying About  Mindful SelfCare™ with Dr. Hanna Chusid Ed.D

Thank you for your
unconditional and judgement-free compassion and guidance.
You are a true healer
and I'm so very grateful that I have the chance to continue to learn from you.
Introducing the practice of mindfulness into my daily life has allowed me to be more accepting of myself and comfortable in my own skin... which in turn benefits everyone I have a relationship with or encounter in passing. This has been

a game changer for me.
So looking forward to continuing this journey of authentic acceptance, compassion and love.
It's a gift. " ~Annette B. Jefferson Mother to 3 Children w ASD.


"Dr. Chusid has the gift of healing.

She possesses both the seasoned and keen analytical mind

of a psychodynamic analyst, coupled with cultural and spiritual sensitivity.

Working with Dr. Chusid is a transformative process ."

~​Doctoral Candidate i​n Psychology




Dear Hanna
The love and compassion I have experienced with you in the MindFul SelfCare series has enabled me to appreciate myself as a whole. I've gone from feeling depressed and empty to believing in myself and recognizing my life and body as a Gift from God. I still have chronic pain but now I do not let it pull me down. I have
changed several habits and have (happily) lost 14 pounds in a very few weeks!
I amaze myself daily at what I am now capable of accomplishing .



 Dr. Chusid is a profoundly gifted analyst with acute insight and perspicacity into the workings of human drama.  She  is focused on healing and recovery rather than pathologizing. Her sensitivity and decades of clinical work make for an exceptional mentor, spiritual guide, life coach and  psychologist.

Linka Griswold, Psy.D.

"Hanna is unique... Every session is an adventure into the heart and soul, helping re-affirm who YOU are  and what you want and need ...  I came to Hanna blocked artistically...I was able to re-establish my inner artist. She gave me new confidence that allowed me to re-renter the commercial workplace with fresh attitude.~  Artist in the Entertainment Field.


  Hanna delivers a dream work and interpretation tailored to the creative needs of an individual.  Her insight can add another dimension to your creative soil.

~Charles Payne; visual artist , musician, writer


"Hanna is a renaissance woman. She was extremely instrumental in helping me grow through my troubled times. ....

Working with Hanna is an investment that lasts." ~ Writer,Editor,Mother,Wife


...Hanna helped me become more aware of my feelings and emotions. ...helped me be calmer , more relaxed ...and have helped my

interpersonal relationships. ~. Public School Teacher


"Dr. Chusid's coaching prepared me to take better care of myself during a stressful career move.​​"~ Business Development Director

Hanna is  a highly insightful healer, a sage, an educator.

She guided me to insights, giving me  a more profound understanding of myself, ...allowing me to grow and to flourish Qualified Lawyer, PhD Candidate /Medical Ethics



​"Hanna exudes compassion, wisdom and a deep understanding of the

human psyche, the human experience.  Our work together was very profound and enlightening, and brought me much healing. ...Her compassion, knowledge and insight really helped  me during a most painful time.  ~  Artist, Mother, Wife

"Dear Hanna,

Just a few months ago when I began your Mindful SelfCare class, I was in a deep depression. I was exceptionally stressed in several areas of my life. You taught me how to take a step back , observe and breathe, Most of all, you have taught me that, I too am worthy of my own compassion, which has led to a more fulfilling relationship with my husband and I am more relaxed , optimistic parent.. I have so much gratitude for all you have opened up within me. My heartfelt thanks."

Teresa Penikas

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