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™Mindful SelfCare for Relaxation & Resilience

Chronic Pain, Trauma, and even ordinary on-going Stressors establish patterns that hold suffering in place, both at the physical and psycilogical levels.

 ™Mindful SelfCare focuses on and provides practical training and take home tools for loosening these holding patterns and re-educating the nervous system to remember and rehearse what relaxation and positive focus feels like!

While many tools and practices may be introduced ,Yoga Nidra is an valuable key to remembering , re-tuning and returning to your optimal Self.   Hanna incorporates Yoga Nijdra in to most  ™Mindful Self Care . 


Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that ,combined with Mindfulness and other yoga breath practices,has been deeply researched in recent years and is now in use with returning war vets for PTSD and other stressors.    Yoga Nidra is deeply relaxating and rejuvenating and appropropiate for everyone.

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