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The Meditation Edge : Transformation Beyond Psychotherapy

An explosion of research over the past 25 years repeatedly indicates that training and practicing meditation in  contributes to emotional regulation, increased  self acceptance and  self esteem, improved immune response, focus, relaxed awareness, concentration, memory, sleep, post-surgery recovery, management of anger & over-reactivity ,pain management, depression, anxiety...and overall sense of  grounded, embodied well being ***

Mindful SelfCare™ is  multi-culturally informed

Dr. Hanna Chusid,Ed.D has significant training ,

years of practice and teaching experience in

3 major Meditation Traditions

Vedic /Yoga

Buddhist/ Vipassana 


Additionally, she has depth training in several lineages of

Movement Based Meditation

including Yoga, Sufi and Indigenous healing traditions

Most of the research in meditation has been focused on  Vipassanaa Buddhist approach and the early researcher coined the term Mindfulness to abstract it out of a cultural context .   However,  all the major lineages of meditation have the essential elements of Mindfulness practice

 Mindful SelfCare ™  draws from all these lineages ,integrating them clarifying distinctions between these   various wisdom traditions as  relevant to the purpose and need of the individual or workshop

*** Meditation is not being recommended as a replacement for medical care for significant or potentially significant conditions, rather as Primary Prevention and as an adjunct to Comprehensive Care.



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